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The New White Knight Tournament


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General Rules for all tournaments

1. All games will be played at Stans Net Chess.

2. All first round matches will be completley random. Tournaments will be knockout style. You lose your out. Winners of each bracket play each other.

3. Those players I assign as white in each game must challenge there opponent in black. They must also report to me the game number, and when the match is complete report that to me by e-mail.

4. There is a seven day move rule. Any player that does not do one move every seven days will automatically be forfeited. If you cannot make one move every seven days please let me know. Also to make this easier on everyone the player who issues a challenge must make the challenge with a 7 day forfeit period. I CANNOT AND WILL NOT ACCEPT ANY GAMES THAT ARE NOT 7 DAY FORFEIT TIME OR LESS. The tourney will take to long if the forfeit times are longer.

5. Winners of each tournament will be issued an award to be presented on your player page at Stans Net Chess.

6. The use of books and Computers is prohibited. This is more of a guidline than a rule, because there is no way for anyone to prove this. This tourney is for fun. There are no prizes. Please, lets play fair.

Any questions about the rules or set up please e-mail metal man. click on the link

metal mans e-mail address

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